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Do you have a business that’s not making the kind of profits you want? Are you stressed and trying to find a way to make your business profitable?

Do you have some success, but can’t seem to jump to the next level? Are you working late nights just to catch up?

When we’re falling short of our best, it can seem like everything is changing but us. Winter comes and goes, spring turns to summer, and year after year the harvest yields its fruit. But where’s the fruit of our labors? What keeps nature’s cycle in motion? Just what does nature know that we don’t?

Simply put, everything!

And now you can STOP SABOTAGING YOUR LIFE OR BUSINESS and finally yield the harvest you deserve, all by using the same process that nature uses!

Nature has just as much stress as you, but it has a SECRET you were never taught. No matter the storm, nature finds a way to bounce back, reset and evolve, and by learning its secret, you can too.

My name Dr. Philip Agrios, International Personal and Business Advisor. After decades of research and thousands of patients, I’ve discovered how people, like nature, can turn devastating storms into successes every day–just by following the same simple blueprint nature uses for success.

I call it: Life’s One Law – Nature’s Blueprint for Repeatable Success.

The Blueprint teaches business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and sales professionals how to stop sabotaging themselves, and how to start thriving and enjoying what they do best.

Working together, we will devise a simple and executable framework for your needs and get your life and business back on track. You’ll discover the secrets of your Sabotaging Trait and learn how to combat it simply and effectively by using your personalized Antidote.

Take the FREE Quiz to discover your Sabotaging Trait and Antidote – in less than one minute!

After you complete the quiz and read your results, click the button on the bottom of the results page and peek into the world of success–the world of Life’s One Law.

I look forward to guiding you to the life and business of your dreams.
~Dr. Philip Agrios


Nature’s Blueprint for Repeatable
Success in Life and Business

Following years of research, Dr. Philip Agrios discovered the key behind nature’s recurring, monumental achievements. In his new book, Life’s One Law, Dr. Agrios shares this discovery and provides the principles of Nature’s blueprint for YOUR repeatable success.

He presents a simple roadmap anyone can follow to transform their life and reach their personal and business goals every day, month, and year.

Discover how the principles in Life’s One Law can help you:

  • Decipher your own behaviors
  • Understand why you block your own success
  • Create your own Six Step Method to solve any problem


What is a Personal and Business Advisor?

When you discover and fully understand the deep connection between your personal and business (career) lives, real changes can take place and fairly quickly. The connection is you and your perceptions, feelings and actions you take to solve your challenging or stressful situations. My one-to-one mentoring programs teach you how you can influence Nature’s Blueprint which is within you, to not only solve all your problems but most importantly, how to achieve your aspirations and find the harmonious balance between these two lives.

Are you a psychiatrist or psychologist?

No. While working with my chiropractic and functional wellness* patients, I was able to use my discovery of Life’s One Law and guide them to make substantial changes not only in their personal lives, but in their business and careers.
My products or programs do not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association.  They are not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment and is not intended to be used in place of any form of diagnosis, treatment or therapy.

My products and programs are for educational purposes only and are not intended to treat or cure any disease.

*My professional degree is in chiropractic and I have been trained in functional wellness where my specialty was working with thyroid and autoimmune conditions. Functional wellness uses different methods, from nutrition to lifestyle changes, by looking for the underlying cause of the condition and helps educate and direct that person with a holistic approach to balance out the imbalances in the body.


I discovered the hidden mechanism on how nature is able to recover from disastrous storms in order to repeatedly bloom year after year without our help. I have created multiple products and one-to-one programs so people can understand how to recover from their own storms. These are the challenges and problems that have caused them to live a life of pain, sorrow and frustration and with my discovery, they can shift into the life they were meant to live.

What happens?

The first session is always discovering a client’s sabotaging trait. This is the trait that has caused them to make repeatable decisions and create their unfavorable results, the reason behind their suffering, no matter the degree. Once they understand this, I give them their One Sentence Solution, the Antidote that switches their sabotaging trait off instantly at their will. They can now understand why they have created their personal and business lives and if they do not use the Antidote consistently, how they will never get out of the never-ending hamster wheel of frustration and desperation.

We then utilize the tools I have developed based on Nature’s Blueprint to discover where they are stuck and create individualized action steps to move through this blueprint and start creating the type of life and business (career) they desire.


Insurance companies only cover medically necessary procedures. Since I am not treating any client’s medical or psychological disorders, they will not cover any of my products or programs.


Yes. I guarantee my results. The contract was created to make sure you understand exactly what you are receiving, in what time frame the results you and I agree upon will be achieved and what happens if they are not. The contract is mostly an explanation of the program.


Yes. I take this very seriously. I treat all information as if you were a patient of mine following HIPAA regulations. I do not share any information to anyone, including your spouse without your written consent.


I guarantee my results. You and I create the results that we both agree upon and it is placed within your contract.


The price will vary depending on the program that best suits your needs and the type of results you expect. These can range from $4,900 to $25,000.


There are several financial programs available which can satisfy many people’s budget.


Dr. Agrios discovered Life’s One Law in the early 1990s. His hypothesis that only one law governed the universe–from the atoms to the galaxies to us—seemed to him too simple to be true. It had to be more complicated.

Over the next two and a half decades, his search to prove his theory brought him not only the experiences of thousands of patients, acquaintances and loved ones, but took him down a path of hardships that showed not ease, but simplicity. It was not easy but very simple.

As he delved more into the law he discovered that it was made up of three basic principles called the Director Principle, Supplier Principle and Communicator Principle. These three principles then worked together simultaneously creating Life’s One Law.

As he investigated further, he realized these principles governed and guided us through three basic characteristics—or traits. These three traits were interchangeable with the three principles creating our behaviors—how we act or react to our life experiences, whether or not to our benefit.

Since the principles are interchangeable, Dr. Agrios named our characteristics: the Director Trait, Supplier Trait and Communicator Trait. These traits make up our personality—who we are and why we do the things we do. Once you understand this fully, you can take control of your behavior, thus controlling your outcomes.

Then something unexpectedly revealed itself. It occurred to him that preying upon and laying inside of these three traits was an attribute that caused us to sabotage ourselves. He named it the Sabotaging Trait.

This trait brings conflict into our lives not to punish us, but to allow us to grow and evolve or dissolve through fear. Every achievement is born of a conflict in your life which needs to be resolved—no matter how small or large. Dr. Agrios discovered it was this same trait over and over again, challenging you to develop into who you are today.

There had to be a way to switch this trait off. He would think about times when he was able to overcome a challenging situation quickly and other times when it would take years. His quest paid off.

He then discovered The Antidote–the solution to switch off his Sabotaging Trait instantly and at will. If it worked for him, it had to work for others. Over the next few years, he was able to duplicate it with everyone he met.

He then understood how to use the other two traits to his advantage and how they brought their own experiences to him and every other human being.

The longer Dr. Agrios explored and tested his hypothesis, the more he saw that these three traits were at the core of our being. This meant the three traits, or three principles, were truly three parts of one.

He first uncovered the three principles which led to the discovery of Life’s One Law through a 6-Step blueprint that Nature uses to overcome and evolve from the storms it faces every day and millennium after millennium.

He called it Nature’s Blueprint for Repeatable Success. Why repeatable? Because by following this blueprint, you are able to understand where you are stuck in your life or business/career and how to move forward and evolve with specific action steps.

Dr. Agrios wrote his book to share his discovery so that you too, as so many others have done, can understand how simple life is and take advantage of its secrets.

He created different courses, so you can take advantage of this discovery to be successful in your life and business/career and understand what path to take to guide you through your own storms.
Life was not meant to kill you, but challenge you so that you can experience it completely. It is through Life’s One Law that you can fully embrace, enjoy and experience your life.

May you find the peace and freedom you seek.
~Dr. Agrios

Success Stories

  • “I increased my income by 76.32% within the first month using Dr Agrios' 6-Step Blueprint to solve any problem. Through this blueprint, I was able to understand where I was sabotaging myself and how to switch it off instantly. I encourage you to allow him to teach it to you so you can increase your income, remove the blocks that you create for yourself and have peace of mind. It also works very well in your personal life. It is truly amazing!"

    Thomas Madden
    Thomas Madden Esq. Divorce Attorney
  • “A colleague of mine had suggested I give Phil a call to see how his Stress Antidote Methodology/‘Life's One Law’, may assist me, so I jumped in boots and all from the other side of the world and contacted him. I loved working with Phil. He has a fantastic sense of humour, very approachable, knowledgeable and a clear communicator who walks his talk. His own pivotal life experience directed him in the work he now does with other business people to bring awareness and balance to their stress patterns, that are either known or hidden. With Phil’s guidance, my mindset and health improved greatly after recognizing the fears which had been impacting me and my business. After working with Phil it gave me the courage to focus on my coaching business again. I would wholeheartedly recommend Phil’s services to any other forward-thinking business person, no matter where you are in the world.”

    Michelle Patterson
    Michelle Patterson Transformation Coach, Gold Coast, Australia
  • “After I learned my sabotaging trait and was able to switch it off very quickly with my One Sentence Solution, I went from a closing rate of less than 30% to 100% in less than a week. This allowed me to reach a 64.32% increase in my income in one month. Then in the second month, I did my best month almost doubling my practice from the previous few months. I just started and I can’t wait for next month.”

    Richard Herbold
    Richard Herbold DC, DACBN, CNN Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • "I was highly recommended Dr Agrios by a colleague and I can’t thank him enough for putting me in touch with him. From the first consultation, Dr Agrios honed in with laser-like precision to one of my major blocks around money. Within 30 minutes, I had a breakthrough in this area and I started to increase my income in the same week! By the following week, my income had increased once again. For the first time in 10 years, I am excited about my business and my future! Thank you Dr Agrios! I highly recommend Dr Agrios' programs!"

    Victoria E. Armstrong
    Victoria E. Armstrong Mindtech Coach – Belfast, Scotland
  • “The Antidote gave me ways to make some crucial decisions in my life and in my practice which worked every time I followed it. When I didn’t, the same old patterns and results emerged. I was very skeptical at first but when I went through the program, it made it very clear to me what I was doing in my past that caused me to end up in those situations. Then I discovered my solution but it was just one simple thing to do. I didn’t believe it at first. So instead of brushing it off as “too simple,” I put it into action and there I saw the genius of Dr Agrios’ work. Simple is powerful! I was amazed that the same solution for my personal life was the same for my business. I have highly recommended this program to my patients who have seen significant changes as well.”

    Aristotelis E. Vlahos
    Aristotelis E. Vlahos M.D. – Board Certified Cardiologist
  • “Within minutes, I uncovered a block that held my business back for years from reaching its fullest potential. The moment I discovered it, I knew deep within it was right. Since then, I am manifesting success where I had seemed to bear a standstill - thank you so much, Dr. Agrios!”

    Dr. Mary Zennett
    Dr. Mary Zennett Author, Health For US All: The Transformation of US Health Care
  • "Using Dr. Agrios' method to find my Antidote had an immediate impact on me. After finding my Trigger Trait through the simple introspection method Dr. Agrios lays out in the program, I found my Antidote and started to put it to work. Right away I noticed a change in how I handled stress at work and in my personal life. In addition, using the antidote helped me develop a clearer strategy at furthering my career which helped me get to where I am today. I can't recommend the product highly enough to others faced with challenges in their own life. I will continue to use the Antidote throughout my personal life and in my career in any stressful situations that arise."

    Thomas Whalen
    Thomas Whalen VP of CMBS Trading
  • “When I met Dr. Agrios a few years ago, my life was a complete mess. Everything around me was scattered because I was completely scattered in my head. Dr Agrios’ course taught me how to identify what my triggers are so I can be aware of them as well as taught me what my antidote is so I can deal with the stresses in my life in a much-more productive way. Now it's 2 years later and my life is so much more put together because I use my antidote on a regular basis. I no longer feel out of control and have everything falling into place in my life, piece-by-piece."

    CJ Arditi
    CJ Arditi LegalShieldNational Field Trainer
  • “I was very skeptical when Dr Agrios explained how quickly I could the find part of me that was blocking the growth of my already very successful business. Within a few minutes he found it and gave me the simple solution, what he calls the Antidote, that not only caused an explosion in my business but how it also affected my personal life. Being a single mom with two small children has different challenges than my business. I was amazed how the Antidote, which helped my business, also caused my personal life to be calmer and much more manageable.

    Rachel Cluna
    Rachel Cluna CEO/Owner RAC Consulting
  • “Dr. Agrios’ unique approach and process helped me see where I was allowing stress to deplete my energy and gave me the tools to correct the imbalance. His approach is a fully integrated one in which the whole person (mind, body and spirit) is considered in order to accomplish maximum results. The same protocol applied to my business has helped me maintain focus, energy and solid revenue throughout these 1st two quarters of 2017."

    Jason Hoffman
    Jason Hoffman Managing Partner and Chief Instructor of The Max Challenge
  • "Dr Agrios' program and techniques presented me with an “AHA” moment. In personal and business situations, learning to uncover my antidote for resolving conflicts produced immediate and optimal results. It introduced me to a profound method of implementing new coping techniques. As a business owner, I was immediately able to successfully resolve both small and large problems, thanks to the program. I have truly been transformed. I encourage everyone to explore these techniques and this well-defined approach to Self-discovery."

    Janice Volk
    Janice Volk PT - Physical Therapist
  • “I was amazed how easily it was to know the exact part of me that was guiding me to make decisions in my life and in my business that were not in my best interest. Once I started to use my antidote, it quickly started to work. I couldn't believe not only how simple it was to use but the powerful results I was achieving. Once this occurred, I was able to remove certain people from my life and in my business so I could grow and enjoy them. Also the cherry on top was when I discovered the Sabotaging Trait and Antidote for my practice. I could see that every time things were not working out, it was always due to this one thing."

    Kosta Linardakis
    Kosta Linardakis DC - Chiropractor
  • "After discovering my stress antidote through Dr. Agrios' program, I started to incorporate it into my daily life and found it started to work immediately. I tend to become overly emotional when faced with stress. By focusing on my antidote first, I found I was able to process previously stressful situations in a calmer and more constructive manner, especially at work!”

    Kristen Klingler
    Kristen Klingler Process Development Engineer
  • "Dr. Agrios' program enabled me to identify what was holding me back in life, so that I could direct my time and talent accordingly. The Antidote was the main reason I found that part of me. It was very easy to access and allowed me to be able to take control of whatever stresses that came my way. Regarding the adage of what luck is; when preparation meets opportunity, Dr. Agrios helped me prepare for the opportunities that were already there, in addition to many new ones. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to know their sabotaging trait that is holding them their business back and from living their life to the fullest."

    Harry Chambarry
    Harry Chambarry Actor
  • "Dr Agrios is the stress handling king. The simplicity of discovering the one sabotaging trait that starts your stress reactions and in turn one straightforward powerful solution on how to handle any stressful situation, whether in business or life, with ease, is astonishing. I highly recommend Dr Agrios' programs!"

    John Castagini
    John Castagini Author "Thank God I" Book Series

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